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Pizza - Pizza

**NEW** Crystal's Creation


Shredded corn beef, Russian dressing base, Swiss and mozzarella, baked and then finished with fresh, crisp coleslaw

Pizza Cheese Toppings:Extra Mozzarella Cheese Bleu Cheese Crumbles +$23Parmesan +$2Ricotta +$3Goat Cheese +$3Feta +$2Fresh Mozzarella +$2Shredded Cheddar +$2
Pizza Crust:Small Large +$8Small Spinach Thin Crust Small White Flour Thin Crust Small "Rustic" Crust +$2Large "Rustic" Crust +$10Small Gluten Free +$3
Pizza Protein Toppings:Bacon +$2BBQ Chicken - Fried +$2BBQ Chicken - Grilled +$2Buffalo Chicken - Fried +$2Buffalo Chicken - Grilled +$2Fried Chicken +$2Grilled chicken +$2Hamburger +$2Meatball +$2Pepperoni +$2Sausage +$2
Pizza Veggie Toppings:Artichoke +$1Banana Peppers +$1Black Olives +$1Caramelized Onion +$1Corn +$1Fresh Basil +$1Fresh Jalapeño +$1Fresh Scallions +$1Garlic +$1Green Pepper +$1Mushroom +$1Red Onion +$1Spinach +$1Tomato +$1White Onion +$1