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Appetizers - Lunch & Dinner

Chicken Wings

Bone in wings with your choice of flavor: Buffalo, Honey Sesame, BBQ or Gold Fever

6 piece $1210 piece $1818 piece $32
Wing Sauce:Buffalo Sweet BBQ Spicy BBQ Honey Sesame Gold Fever Plain Flavor of the Month Extra Wing Sauce +$0.50
Side Sauce:Bleu Cheese Ranch Honey Mustard Spicy BBQ Sweet BBQ Flavor of the Month None
Extra Side Sauce:Extra Ranch +$0.50Extra Bleu Cheese +$0.50Extra Honey Mustard +$0.50Extra Buffalo +$0.50Extra Spicy BBQ Extra Sweet BBQ +$0.50Extra Gold Fever +$0.50Extra Honey Sesame +$2Extra Flavor of the Month +$0.50